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Although people don't like to think about Wills, here are some points everyone should give some thought to... 
  • Without a Will your estate will be distributed according to prescribed legal rules. Contrary to common beliefs this will not necessarily result in everything being left to your spouse. 


It Is Rare For Intestacy Provisions To Distribute The Estate As You Would Like


  • A Will lays out what is to happen after your death, providing support and guidance to your loved ones - at a time when they need it most. Making a Will means the legal process after your death will be easier (and therefore less expensive), and less painful for your loved ones. It also reduces the likelihood of disputes or "in-fighting" between family members. 
  • Without a Will you have no control over who will inherit what. On death, who inherits what will depend on which of your relatives is alive at your death and how large your estate is. 
  • Married spouses may not receive everything - and may be left in financial difficulty. 
  • Unmarried partners, charities, friends and step children will receive nothing unless you have written a Will. 
  • Making a Will enables you to name the beneficiaries of your estate (including charities and friends if you so wish), and you can take control over what happens after your death. 
  • Without a Will you have no control over who looks after minor children should anything happen to you. The courts will appoint someone on your behalf. 

This may be someone that you would not have chosen.


Do you know how the courts decide on who will be your child’s guardian? If you do... Can you be certain that the courts will always follow their current approach?

  • Making a Will enables you to can appoint guardians of your choice who will look after you children until they reach the age of eighteen
  • Making a Will enables you to prevent the possibility of your assets being lost to your children if, after your death, your partner remarries or requires long term residential care
  • If you don't make a Will then your family may have to employ professionals to sort out the problems that you may leave behind. Their charges will reduce what is left to those you care about.

We plan our finances during our life. 

We strive to provide financial support for our loved ones during our life. 

This doesn’t need to stop on death. The real question is - why wouldn’t you need a Will ?